Practice for Grief
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Practice for Grief

In this moment, we commit to feeling.

We gift ourselves the opportunity to soften our chests and surround our hearts with love. Perhaps we touch our own bodies to tenderly comfort and remind us that our skin beautifully holds the world inside us. We hold all that we need to heal. Blood and water nourish every inch, every cell, every crevice. Fire fuels the heart, sometimes roaring brightly, other times flickering in dim glow. When it feels like the fire has burned out and all the passion, vitality and capacity for feeling has been taken from us, we put our hands over our hearts and feel their beating commitment to life.

Despite all odds, this fire continues to burn and can grow in intensity with every small moment we devote to feeling. Air expands and contracts inside of us, allowing small births and deaths to occur in succession, reminding us to trust the process of life/death/life. Shallow breathing may seem tempting if it subdues the discomfort and pain attached to the death process, but in doing so, our experience of life also becomes subdued. Breathe. Deeper. To cultivate life and to understand the value of death.

We were born from the earth, carry the earth’s wisdom throughout our lives, and return it to the earth in death, as is the great cycle. Nothing is ever truly gone. Like the alchemy of love, which gives us wings to access realms we never thought possible, so does grief. Can we hold the capacity to interact with these shadow realms, as if they are treasures meant to offer us what nothing else can: the gift of love and gratitude for what we had that was taken from us, as well as the empowered potential to be that for ourselves moving forward. Maybe our brains say no, impossible.

Could our imaginations weave a different story?

Could we cultivate trust in our own super powers to guide us?

Our bravery, our commitment to feeling, our ability to show up with tenderness and sensitivity amidst pain, these are all super powers. We are extraordinary. We honor who we are in grief, who we were and who we will become, all of whom are sacred.

May we cultivate gratitude for our own lives and their unique purposes.

May we honor all the ways that we continue to hold and support ourselves and each other throughout this time on Earth.

May we feel endless love in motion within and without.