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Healing in Color is a diverse collection of resources meant to support folks, 

particularly Black, Indigenous and people of color, living with chronic illness on their healing journeys.

Picture in this collage are my friends, in moments of healing. 

Healing in Color is intentionally divided into three types of resources:



From my experience living with an autoimmune condition, I’ve discovered that healing from chronic illness is often a very non-linear, spiralic and web like process. 

My healing journey has involved learning how to devote time, energy, care and attention to the many aspects of who am on the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, ancestral and imaginal realms. 


This process helps shape my ongoing of understanding what the roots of my illness are, as well as how to unearth them and compost them into resources that can be used for healing.


Because the healing process is so multi dimensional, I believe it’s important to have access to many different kinds of tools, ideas, visions and art that we can work with as medicine for our bodies and souls.

Please feel free to explore each section and trust that your body will let you know what resonates and what might serve your own healing process.


Big love. Big blessings. ♥︎